C6R Driver Tommy Milner Practices Year Round with Race Simulator

No doubt, a ton of practice goes into driving one of the Corvette Race Team’s C6Rs. However, as Jalopnik found out, this practice isn’t always done on the track. In fact, with just a bit of skill and a couple grand, you could rig up the practice device that some racers, including Corvette race car driver Tommy Milner, use to perfect their skills. The only difference is that yours probably won’t help you win at Le Mans.

While Milner’s racing season ended this year with a broken gearbox at last weekend’s race, it wasn’t without excitement, thanks in part to the Corvette Race Team’s Le Mans win in June. Even with this race season just coming to a close, Milner is already working on his driving skills for next year with the help of his home-built race simulator.

The simulator is constructed out of built-up PC and makes use of a 52-inch LCD TV to depict racing scenarios through the iRacing software. Milner equipped his simulator with a Logitech G25 steering wheel, BRD Speed 7 pedal set and a racing seat out of a BMW M3.

Milner told Jalopnik that he uses the simulator for about 2 hours every week when he’s not racing and 2 hours a day leading up to races. With that much practice even in the off-season, it’s no wonder that Milner helped the Corvette Race Team achieve their victory at Le Mans.

Racing simulators aren’t just used by the Corvette Team driver, however. They are used by a number of race car drivers across all genres of the sport. In fact, NASCAR rookie and youngest driver to win the Daytona 500, Trevor Bayne had his first experience with the Daytona track using a simulator and iRacing.

With Milner practicing year round, we look forward to seeing what the 2012 race season brings for the Corvette Race Team. While Milner practices, why not get your own racing on with a home-built simulator? It may not make you a professional race car driver, but it sure beats sitting around the house doing nothing this winter.

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