An incident on the afternoon of December 18, 2013 in the town of Collierville, Tennessee left the unidentified driver of a black C6 Z06 Corvette in “extremely critical” condition after colliding with a stopped schoolbus. Rescue personnel had to use airbags to lift the bus in order to extricate the driver from the car, which was wedged almost completely beneath the bus, stopped only by contact with the rear axle.

schoolbusWe’ve seen previous Corvette-versus-large-vehicle crashes where the occupants of the vehicle have miraculously escaped serious injury, but in this instance the driver was not so fortunate. In an online thread, a poster identifying herself as the driver’s finance said, “he made a comment to me earlier that day that his foot felt like it was all over the pedals.”

On the up-side, The Commercial Appeal, a local Memphis news outlet, reports that the 32 students on their way home from Bailey Station Elementary School on board were uninjured. The students were on board another bus and headed back to school for their parents to pick them up within 10 minutes of the crash, while the driver was transported to a nearby hospital for back and neck injuries.

The rescue operation and the subsequent police investigation closed the road for approximately 2.5 hours.