By way of, we have yet another crashed Corvette to show you – this time, though, there are no senior citizens involved, or even Americans for that matter. Seems that a C6 owner in the Netherlands brought his car in for recall service, and got back the big sack of fail you see here. According to the car’s owner, it was the proprietor of the shop itself who managed to mangle the ‘Vette at a (claimed) mere 30 MPH, hitting two trees, a ditch, and a truck in the process.

The owner’s complete tale of woe is chronicled on, but in a nutshell, the dealer was originally trying to offer the owner the (considerably under-market) blue book value their insurance would cover, then sell him a new car at full market price, which the owner claimed would put him about $80k out of pocket. After much ado was made on the ‘net and the dealer’s website collapsed under the load, an agreement was struck and the owner is now apparently satisfied with the outcome.

As for us, we’re glad that Americans aren’t the only people who apparently can’t keep a Corvette in one piece, and we promise this is the last crashed C6 story we’ll post until somebody else does it again.