Although drifting will always be a Japanese motorsport at heart, there has been a growing trend in the sport to make use of American made rear wheel drive V8 cars in competition. At a Redbull sponsored drift event in Kuwait an audience member captured a C6 Corvette destroying a set of tires on the course. With a few revs and a controlled lack of traction, the driver begins to pilot the silver C6 around the tire barriers. After negotiating the first two stacks of tires with plenty of smoke, style and finesse, the third pile of tires proved to be a little challenging for the driver. Unfortunately, the driver made contact with the front end of the Corvette, resulting in short pause and likely reduction in points.

Of the course the videographer or a friend decided to have a little fun editing when the C6 made contact with the tires by way of an Super Mario Brothers reference; as the Corvette nudged the tires (much like Mario method of headbutting blocks to find stuff) an eight-bit coin appears along with the memorable chime. Fortunately, the driver is able to negotiate the course without another run-in with tires or poles. Thanks to gratuitous display of tire smoke and some precise sideways driving, the spectators cheer for the driver of the C6 Corvette. Despite the small mistake the overall performance of the C6 was highly entertaining and likely expensive in terms of tires.