We find it truly amazing that incidents like this still happen. Over and over we see people deprived of their pride and joy. What’s even more devastating is that these same people are faced with taking away a life that doesn’t even belong to them– all as a result of making the choice to drive while intoxicated. It’s one of the worst decisions you could make, but somehow folks make it over and over again.

Looks like they were both lucky to walk away.

The 21 year old owner of this Corvette not only wrecked his car leaving his passenger in critical condition, but he also decided to up and leave from the scene of the accident. As if the consequences for driving under the influence weren’t enough, he decided that adding a felony charge for hit-and-run to the rap sheet would be a swell idea as well. Unless the car was stolen, it won’t be long until the driver is hauled in by police anyway. Your name is connected to the vin, pal.

At 21, perhaps the owner of the silver c5 hadn’t learned to handle the responsibilities that come with being able to purchase alcohol yet. Either way, if you haven’t already seen enough devastation from alcohol related accidents, maybe this will hit closer to home for anyone who has even considered getting behind the wheel of any car, let alone a powerful sports car while drunk. Do yourself a favor and hand over your keys if you even think that you have had too much to drink.