Would you be fooled into thinking this was a $100K Ferrari? Photo: Camaro5 Member - "MiracleAces

What do you get when you mix a C4 Corvette, a cheesy Ferrari fiberglass replica body, and one naive eBay shopper? You get an angry guy with a fake Ferrari he paid way too much for. We recently came across a thread on Camaro5.com that tells of this exact situation.

The original poster of this thread says that a middle aged gentleman came into the dealership he works at wishing to trade in his 1989 Ferrari Testarossa. It only took one look and the salesmen immediately realized that the would-be exotic was in fact just another poorly executed fiberglass repli-car. When they told the owner that his Ferrari was in fact nothing more than a C4 Corvette with a fake Ferrari body, he became very indignant and insisted that he had the real thing.When the  salesmen went on to point out the fact that the entire interior of the car was still Chevrolet, the owner showed them his “Official Documentation” from the eBay sale stating that the car had been built in a collaboration between Chevrolet and Ferrari, and still maintained that the car was genuine.

The original poster reports that the gentleman ended up leaving the dealership in an angry haste, and refused to accept the fact that he had been duped. So, let this serve as a reminder: next time you buy a $100,000 sports car over the internet, at least take the time to run the VIN and make sure it’s legit.