We are all partial to certain generations of Corvettes. C3 fans got an unexpected surprise on Wednesday as two 1976 Corvettes were introduced to challenging teams on Car Warriors. Keith Cornett of CorvetteBlogger brought us news of the up-coming show on Monday.

Car Warriors began airing in February. The show gives two rival teams of automotive builders two identical cars to work on. With only 72 hours to create the ultimate automobile, tensions run high on the show. Once the 72 hours are up, celebrity judges evaluate the cars based on their own expert areas and proclaim a winner. The celebrity judges are ‘Mad Mike’ Martin from Pimp My Ride, Jimmy Shine from So-Cal Speed Shop, and George ‘King of the Kustomizers’ Barris– a legendary Hollywood car builder.

The episode aired last night at 9p.m. EST but we won’t be the ones to spoil which team won or what the Corvettes looked like. If you missed it, you can tune in to Speed at 1p.m. on April 17th or 10p.m on April 18th to see the rerun of the show. Thanks to Keith Cornett for bringing us pictures of the builds in progress!