C3 Corvette 4×4 Could Be Yours…

Anyone who’s ever driven a Corvette, whether their own or a borrowed ride, has worried about curb rash and speed bumps. Well, almost anyone… This particular Corvette solves the worries inherent to driving a low-slung sports car by taking a C3 body and perching it on top of modified truck running gear that offers enough ground clearance to hop curbs, fire hydrants, and baby strollers without scratching the paint.

30-inch Monster Mudder tires sit at the ends of two rather spindly-looking axles, and the entire front clip tilts up to reveal a Roots-blown small block Chevy powerplant that looks well-used. The interior is stock, save for the incongruous transfer case control lever on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel, the $35 Pep Boys special stereo head unit in the dash, and a lone gauge (to monitor oil pressure, or perhaps shame) hung front and center in the instrument binnacle.

Practical? It depends on what your definition is. The video title tells us that this Corvette is located in Florida, so this might be the best Corvette imaginable for post-hurricane travel, though the lack of any fender coverage on those big tires means you’d better keep the top on and windows rolled up lest you experience a constant shower of gravel, mud, and baby alligators when driving faster than a walking pace.

Though there’s not a whole lot of overlap between the Corvette and 4×4 fan base, we’re willing to bet there are at least some of you who can tell us every detail about the frame and suspension slung underneath the fiberglass – please feel free to educate us in the comments below.


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