C2 Covette Grand Sport Spotted In ‘Fast Five’

It might be hard to believe, but the year 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the first installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Originally based entirely around the then-thriving import tuner scene, the movies have taken a gradual turn in the opposite direction, featuring more and more American iron as the movies progressed. Thankfully. Though the movies were never really about cars as they were more of a backdrop to the actual ‘plot’ of the movie, the vehicles themselves have taken on a life of their own and are the main reason why people actually see the movies.

Fast Five Grand Sport

Having said that, we’re betting that most of you have still tuned in to watch all four installments. As gearheads, we’re almost obligated to watch any movie centered around cars, and as cheesy, corny, and weakly-written as the scripts of the F&F films may be, they’re always good for a laugh (especially the first one). Plenty of action, plenty of cars, and plenty of female scenery always seemed to be the right ingredients to keep just about any guy occupied for 90 minutes.

Continuing the tradition, Universal Studios has decided to release a fifth installment entitled Fast Five, due in theaters on April 29th. All of the remaining characters from the previous movies have returned save for Lucas Black and Lil Bow Wow, thankfully. There will be plenty of action, plenty of cars, and of course, plenty of women yet again for guys to stare at for an hour and a half or so.

Fast Five cast

But being a car magazine, and not Maxim or Entertainment Weekly, we’re more focused on the cars.  As we’ve mentioned in an earlier article, Mopar seems to have the vast majority of the amount of cars that are featured. However, for all of you Chevy Corvette fans, we’re happy to a report a C2 Corvette Grand Sport (or more likely a modern replica) seems to have a significant role in the movie.  That is of course, until Vin Diesel abruptly decides to drive it off of a cliff, much like the C5 convertible that was featured in the opening scene of his 2002 movie, xXx.

Though we’ve caught a glimpse of the Grand Sport Corvette in a previously released trailer, our friends at www.Corvetteblogger.com have found a new trailer showing additional footage of the car in action leading to it’s ultimate demise.

Will F5 do the same thing for GS clones that the original movie did for Supras and Eclipses, or will it simply introduce more ridiculous, unintentionally hilarious misinformation about cars to a new generation? Either way, go check out Fast Five on April 29th. Just make sure that your floorboards are fully secured before you leave the house.

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