C1 Corvette Makes Appearance in New BK Commercial with Jay Leno

First it was the Kids Club gang, then “The King” and now Jay Leno as the Burger King mascot? Well, not really, but the king of comedy is helping the fast food joint kick off their new menu items with a commercial featuring a very snazzy C1 Corvette. Check it out in the video we found on YouTube above.

If you haven’t already heard, Burger King has just added smoothies, blended coffees, chicken tenders and a garden chicken salad to their menu (wait, they didn’t have those before?) So to promote the new menu line-up, the fast food restaurant has commissioned a few big-name celebrities to appear in their ad campaign under the slogan “Exciting Things are Happening at Burger King.”

In the chain’s latest commercial, Leno appears driving a teal and white C1 Corvette through the dining area, using the front counter like a drive thru window. After Leno orders, the manager makes a remark about the Corvette running nicely before telling the talk show host that the store does indeed have a drive thru. This gets shrugged off and the commercial ends with the campaign slogan.

While the approach is unique and definitely eye-catching, we can’t help but wonder how it will help Burger King sell their new products. After all, most car enthusiasts would take one look at the commercial and not even realize there was food being advertised (and yes, there was food being advertised). So sell what you want, Burger King – all we care about is seeing and hearing that fine piece of automotive artwork.

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