Buyer’s Remorse – C4 Corvette with 257,000 Miles on the Clock

It can be all too easy to stereotype Corvette owners as rich old men trying to recapture their youth. Indeed, many Corvettes are babied their whole lives by obsessive owners who only drive the car on nice days never far from home. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There is something to be said for taking that Corvette and driving it every damn day, though.

That is probably the case of this 1984 ‘Vette with 257,000 miles on the odometer. Found by Corvetteblogger on craigslist, the posting has since been deleted, but our imagination still lingers over this high-mileage machine.

1984 was the first year of the new C4 Corvette (after it completely missed the ’83 model year) and the ‘Vette was priced from $22,000 before any special features or options. Your standard Corvette came with a 350 engine, and we’re guessing the engine under the hood of this ‘Vette is the original L83 “Crossfire”. Just another testament to the resilience of GM’s hugely popular 350 engine.

To have racked up a quarter of a million miles, the original owner of this car would have had to have driven it, on average, about 10,000 miles per year. That is just shy of the 12,000 annual miles the average American racks up these days, and this Corvette is certainly worse for the wear. The rear bumper cover was replaced at some point with a later model cover (note the squared-off lenses, and there is a noticeable crack on the fiberglass nose. The seller apparently mentioned that the interior was rough, and that is definitely a flat tire in the picture. Nice beginnings of a project, or would you just drive the hell out of this car until it totally died?

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