There are a lot of ways to judge the relative merits of two different new cars. Rated horsepower, number of passengers and cargo space, safety ratings, lateral g potential, and straight-line acceleration can all figure in to a buying decision. But of course, the main question on a modern consumer’s mind when weighing the differences between a pair of potential purchases is, “how long of a stripe can I lay down?”

Edmunds’ Inside Line pitted the 2012 Cadillac CTS-V coupe against the 2012 Centennial Edition Z06 Corvette in Round Five of the Burnout Super Test. Both of the these LS-powered monsters are capable of shredding tires with relative ease, but proving which car was better suited for the task at hand had to be insanely fun. “At the heart of every burnout there is a lot of abuse,” said editor Josh Jacquot, and the video documents every expensive second of it.

Senior Editor Jacquot jumps behind the wheel of the CTS-V and proceeds to roast the ever-living crap out of the tires; however the Caddy needed a little extra help to get the tires spinning properly and a little power brake action did just the trick. With the requirement for power braking the CTS-V an automatic disqualification in most cases, the guys at Inside Line decided to cut the so called “gentleman’s car” a little slack in the competition.

After a few sessions the CTS-V managed to burn rubber for 145.9 feet with encouragement from Jacquot and assistance from the power brake technique. As expected, the Z06 murdered the CTS-V burnout by over 50 feet, not to mention that it cost a lot more in the process. According to the Tire Rack, the back tires on the Z06 cost $578.00 each and with the Z06 laying down two 196.2-foot long streaks, it is fair to say that it was most expensive and the ultimate winner of the burnout contest.