It’s not hard to imagine what a few friends, a set of old tires and a C4 Corvette will result in, but the total length of this tire smoking session is what is truly impressive. Be warned these guys are egging their buddy on and using some “creative” adjectives to describe the ginormous smoke cloud emitted by the C4 convertible; if the use of “creative” does not adequately warn you that this video contains a few expletives then perhaps “not safe for work” is necessary.

This video is epitome of unnecessary tire destruction, but there should be some sort of award for 2.5 minutes of pure senseless burnout madness. When the street behind the Corvette is obscured from view due to tire smoke then you know this is a pretty epic burnout.

It is hard not to love the teenage mindset when it comes to doing burnouts; everyone has had that one friend who would burn the tires till they popped on purpose and perhaps this is a grownup version of that guy. Destruction aside, the guys seem to enjoy posing with their buddy and his ‘Vette during the extreme burnout. As the cameraman walks around the car it is possible to see the pile of shredded rubber sprayed on the road surface near the driver’s side rear tire. At the end of the burnout session the driver attempts to clean the tires off as he drives a little further down the street with a trail of smoke following behind.  However, he leaves behind two pitted marks filled with smoking rubber, documenting one amazingly excessive burnout.