Contributor Chris DeMorro put the C7’s sales aspect into perspective for us when he said that car launches, events that are ultimately tailored to the tastes and concerns of the enthusiasts, were among the biggest part of that and other makes’ sales success, namely because it’s those launches that make potential buyers feel that they are part of a milestone.

Good news is that the instant quality of the Web has allowed us to do something possibly just as fascinating as attending Barrett-Jackson or the International Auto Show in LA or Detroit. Chevy grabs the high-speed universe by the horns with their interactive C7 Colorizer application that allows visitors to fully-build their own C7 online, offering guests the opportunity to try an array of paint options with three different wheel styles.

Now before we get over-ambitious, we can probably take a shot at what you’re thinking: Corvettes should be red because that’s just what Vettes look good in. Well, true that red is a bitchin’ color on the C7 as it has been for previous Vette generations, but now you can flip through all the different possibilities to see which hue suits you best.

In fact, Chevy’s Colorizer offers a slate of 10 different hues, such as Black Chrome, Laguna Blue and Velocity Yellow, but for the Corvette loyalist who would still rather carry the image of owning America’s “Ferrari,” then red comes for them in the forms of “Crystal” and “Torch Red.”

No matter what your favorite wheel and color combo is for the C7, Chevy’s new C7 online Colorizer is fun to play with, when the boss isn’t looking and things get a little dull in the cubicle of course!