Borgeson Steering’s Website Can Answer Your Steering Questions

Borgeson Steering U-joint

In the beginning, Borgeson was known for their quality U-joint. Now, they are the go-to place for all things steering.

How many of you reading this remember when power steering was first introduced in a commercially-built automobile? Well, in case you didn’t know or just can’t remember, it was way back in 1951.

We also want to ask how many of you can remember a time when power steering was actually an option? Nowadays, all cars come with ingenious steering aid, but that wasn’t always the case. Since many classic Chevrolet cars did not come from the factory with that particular option, many current owners are upgrading their cars by installing power-assisted systems from Borgeson.

Borgeson Steering Home page

The Borgeson homepage is where it al begins.

If you are in the process of this upgrade and have questions – whether upgrading a stock steering system or building an entirely new one, Borgeson has a page on their website that can answer almost any steering-related question you might have, and it all starts at their homepage.

By visiting the Borgeson homepage, you’ll be able to access their Steering Designing page. This area will give you vital insight into the basic design of a steering system, information on safety factors with collapsible systems, and even U-joint angles and orientation. Chances are, if you have a question, you can find an answer on this page. Even if you have already installed one of their power steering systems and have unfortunately encountered an unusual occurrence of something not going as planned, Borgeson’s Steering Designing page can help.

Borgeson steering angles

Diagrams are a big part of the many of the Borgeson pages, and are a huge help.

Like many mechanical items on a car, sometimes things don’t go exactly as you had hoped. So, in the slim chance that you think that your power steering system is not operating as it should, the folks at Borgeson added a page about diagnostics to their website that is there to help you get the steering system in your classic, hot rod, or street back working as it should. TYou’ll find this help section under the Steering Designing page by checking out the Power Steering Tips page that can help you diagnose most issues that can keep your system from operating optimally.

Borgeson Steering PS

Borgeson even has a page dedicated to diagnosing several power steering issues.

If you are planning to upgrade your classic or hot rod to include power steering, you need to check out Borgeson. What’s more, you can get a lot of your questions answered before you order your parts. Nowhere else can you get the benefit of experience, and knowledge that the folks there can deliver.

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