Booze + Weed + Corvette = (- Freedom) + (- Corvette)

Owning a Corvette must be fun, right? Not only is it America’s Sports Car, but it’s also a unique product of American culture – the Vette could only come from America. From its humble Blue Flame Six to today’s ZR1, the Corvette has been uniquely American.

Florida resident Kevin Dubose is one of those people who understands the fun of owning a Corvette but, as told by WTSP News of Tampa, he’s going to be enjoying his vehicle a little less due to some irresponsible shenanigans and the strong arm of the law.

This 2011 Grand Sport does not exist anymore. Let us all pray. Images:

Kevin was pulled over in his 2011 Corvette Grand Sport by a Plant City officer early in the morning of June 16, 2012. The officer observed him as being intoxicated; as Kevin was being subjected to a barrage of the officer’s questions, he felt it was in his best interest to drive away from her. She stuck her arm inside in an attempt to shut off the car, but Kevin grabbed her arm and dragged her for 10 feet before she broke away.

The owner of the Corvette carcass. He's in deep doo-doo with the fuzz.

You can guess what happened next: within a mile of being pursued by the policewoman (who thankfully was not injured), Kevin lost control of his car and rolled it several times. Incredibly, Kevin’s belligerence continued as he resisted arrest. After being treated for his injuries, he will be facing a host of charges including Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Aggravated Fleeing to Elude, and Possession of Marijuana under 20 grams.

Not only did Kevin lose his Corvette, but it’s likely he’ll lose his freedom too. All is not lost, however, as he will able read Corvette Online for the latest news on America’s Sports Car while in prison.

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