We get it. The C7 Corvette is a pretty drastic departure from the C6, which was a very nice design in its own right. But is that really any reason to go and get all weepy and mopey about how different the C7 is from what’s considered “traditional” Corvette styling?

We certainly hope that nostalgia doesn’t get the best of future C7 owners, because the consequences could be pretty ugly. Our buds over at GM Authority recently found this ad posted on an Italian Corvette forum for a C7 rear body kit. As you can see it is meant to “correct” the C7’s more angular taillights to the more expected round taillights on the C6.

After we stopped face-palming and shaking our heads in disbelief, we searched the Italian forum as best we could (without actually being able to read Italian), and couldn’t find the original ad or forum post. All we can say is that we hope this really is just some kind of a bad joke, and that nothing like this actually makes production. Additionally, we’ll throw in our advice to anyone who might consider doing something like this to a C7 once they got their hands on one: Just buy a C6. You’ll save yourself both a good bit of cash a ton of grief from other Corvette fans who won’t be too impressed with your retro body kit.  

Hey, nostalgia is fine – as long as wallowing in it doesn’t keep you from moving forward.