GM offers those ordering a new Corvette a multitude of options to really get the most out of the ownership experience. From assembling a Z06 engine to picking up your Grand Sport at the National Corvette Museum, the possibilities are mind-boggling. Each of these unique experiences can be ordered at the local dealership along with your dream Corvette. Bob Huffman, Vice President of the Baton Rouge Corvette Club, elected to order the Museum Delivery option when he purchased his 2011 silver Grand Sport. According to Huffman the 2011 would be the fourth Corvette he owned, but this would be his first brand new car. It seemed fitting to commemorate the occasion by picking up his first-ever new ‘Vette at the National Corvette Museum.

Huffman seemed to really enjoying sharing his day in Bowling Green, Kentucky and provided a wealth of information to those who have yet to experience the museum even as a spectator. A tour of both the plant and museum were included in the package ordered by Huffman, but compared to previous tours of both facilities, the VIP tours provided more in depth information and a chance to see things not normally seen by visitors.

Huffman waited patiently as he checked the webcam for his new Grand Sport to roll into the museum awaiting his arrival and subsequent first drive. At the conclusion of the day the silver Grand Sport was driven out in front of the museum for Huffman to take ownership of his new ride; as he prepared to leave many of the employees at the museum applauded as he pulled away. Huffman summarized his experience by saying it is a “once in lifetime situation.”