Bloomington Gold Moving To Champaign, Illinois in 2013

Bloomington Gold recently announced their plans for a change of venue for the longest standing Corvette event in the world starting in 2013. Bloomington Gold has been held at its current location, in St. Charles, Illinois, since 2002. The upcoming 2012 Bloomington Gold show will be the last in St. Charles and starting in 2013 the show will make its move to Champaign, Illinois.

Bloomington Gold CEO, David Burroughs had this to say about the move to Champaign in a recent press release: “Our customers own Corvettes because they are fun to drive. So, we needed a venue that not only served our exhibitors and customers who buy/sell and certify Corvettes, but also a venue that makes it easy and fun to navigate to/from and around the community before, during, and after the show. Therefore, we needed a small town atmosphere with big town hotels, great facilities, and quick escape routes to miles of country roads. Champaign, IL has the smaller town atmosphere and the University of Illinois Assembly Hall grounds have everything else.”

Registration for the 2012 Bloomington Gold will open on February 15, 2012, and the event will be held June 21st through 24th at the current location of Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. The 2013 Bloomington Gold will be held June 27th through 30th of 2013 at the new location in Champaign, Illinois, where the event will celebrate its 40th Anniversary.

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