Bloomington Gold recently announced that Corvette Expert and longtime Director of all Bloomington Gold Judges, Mr. Guy Larsen, is officially the new owner. Larsen recently purchased Bloomington Gold from the Mecum family, and has already played a role in several of the big changes, including the move to Champaign, Illinois, and the new engine block stamp certification standards we reported on recently.

According to the press release that our friends at Corvette Blogger tipped us off to, Larsen bought his first Corvette at the age or 22 and has owned one ever since, steadily growing his impressive collection. Larsen believes that “Corvettes are meant to be driven”, and was instrumental in adding more driving events to the upcoming Bloomington Gold show in Champaign.

Bloomington Gold CEO, David Burroughs had this to say about Larsen taking the helm: “Guy is uniquely suited for this leadership role. He can relate to all our customer segments because he has first-hand experience with so many aspects of the Corvette hobby and industry. He’s personally done frame off restorations, had Corvettes Gold Certified, served as Director of all Bloomington Gold judges, owns a (non-automotive) national trade show business serving exhibitors and vendors, and drives a C6 ZR1 for the fun of it with his wife Beverly.”

Sounds like just the man for the job.