Achieving certification at the annual Bloomington Gold Corvette show takes a truly superior Corvette. Corvette Blogger provided a little insight into what it takes to reach each level of certification at the annual event held every June at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. This event draws Corvette connoisseurs from across the county, as spectators and participants. There are three categories in which these cars are judged – Survivors, Certification, and Benchmark.  A group of three to four judges score each car against a predetermined standard; this standard is the condition that the car was originally delivered from the factory.

In order for a car to achieve Survivor status the car must be a minimum of twenty years old, pass a twenty mile road test and be 50% unrestored in three out of four categories. For a Corvette to achieve certification the car can be restored or unrestored and based on its condition it can achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze status. In order for the car to receive the esteemed Gold Benchmark level, it must have achieved Survivor status in all four categories and Bloomington Gold certification in the same weekend. The judging process can take up to an hour to complete, which should provide estimate to the thorough nature of Bloomington’s evaluation process and the significance of Benchmark status.

Check out the full article on Corvette Blogger for more information about the judging standards, and a huge gallery from the event.