Bloomington Gold recognizes that the Corvette craft is one that really doesn’t exist in the world of “Chevrolet” as much as it does a class that is its own and only its own. Given this profound truth of our favorite sports car family, Bloomington makes a special effort of recognizing both the cars and the people who make the Vette world an even better place to be.

But because it’s the people who are the key players in our hobby, they are the ones who deserve to be given a special “cup” that acknowledges their personalities, talents and how these things combined make for a sports car tradition that, since the very first generation of Vettes in the ’50s, has been filled with passion, enthusiasm and an unmatched sense of dedication.

The Great Hall is thus Bloomington’s attempt at giving these enthusiasts a chance to shine as every year they choose ten of the Vette hobby’s most influential cars and people, and promise to continue to make the event an annual tradition until fifty of the best have been acknowledged.

The upcoming year’s event will be held June 28-30 on the University of Illinois’ campus in Champaign, and it’s guaranteed to be the Vette world’s most prestigious event of 2013. The event’s honorees were just chosen in December, and some of the cars featured will include the very first 327 and big-block Vettes built, along with a pair of lightning-quick C6s that are sure to satisfy your sports car fix.

Bloomington Gold’s Great Hall is a prestigious Corvette venue that you just can’t afford to miss, and if you want to be a part of it next summer then you need to log on to the organization’s website or give them a call!