“BlondeStar” Spoof of “OnStar”

OnStar is known for providing helpful service to lost, stranded, or even injured motorists for many years. General Motors developed the idea to equip their cars with this “on demand” tool to ensure the safety of their customers. If you tune your stereo to any given station, you’re likely to hear OnStar advertisements which include real recordings of emergency situations. Although OnStar offers helpful services to millions across the General Motors demographic, some people shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel let alone press that famous blue button. We found this OnStar spoof on YouTube, and we couldn’t resist warning our readers of the hazards we face on the roadways.

In this BlondeStar commercial, an adviser answers the call of a helpless female motorist who is in dire need of assistance. According to the call, our distressed caller is locked inside her car, and she can’t get out. Apparently, she had accidentally locked her keys outside. While the blonde panics with the fear of poor ventilation, the BlondeStar operator keeps the young lady calm. The adviser walks her through the steps necessary to get out of the car to get her keys, but it’s what happens next that really puts the icing on the cake…

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