Headlights are one of the most important safety devices on your car, and sometimes plain old lights that come stock on your Vette just don’t cut it. Well, one Pro-Touring.com member came up with a very creative solution to get more light out of their high-beams: use aircraft landing lights. That’s right – the same lights that planes use to light up an entire runway at night, will now keep this little red Corvette safe from any little forest creatures that might choose to jump out in front of it while cruising the back roads at night.

Pro-Touring.com member “vette427-sbc” says in the thread he posted about installing the Aircraft lights, “If you have a car that uses 4 standard 5.75″ bulbs you can upgrade the high beams to aircraft landing lights. They fit in the stock housings with a minor modification to the terminals. These are GE 4537 aircraft landing lights. Definitely not DOT approved, but you shouldn’t be using your high beams with other drivers around anyway.” He goes on to say, “These are the best high beams I’ve ever driven with… It’s like driving around in daylight!”

Interestingly though, these bulbs only have a 25 hour life span – so don’t expect to drive around with your brights on all the time if you install these. Besides, that would make you pretty unpopular with your fellow drivers anyway.