Black Sally: Jason Tasker’s ’79 Corvette from Down Under


Here at Street Muscle, we love sharing stories of cool rides that we find on the internet, or see at car shows. But no matter where these cars reside, they all have one thing in common: they belong to a gearhead, a car nut, an enthusiast, or whatever you want to call it, and they are the pride and joy of the owner.

Sometimes those cars are local, other times they might be on the other side of the country, continent, or globe. In the case of this ’79 ‘Vette, we delved down under to see what it was all about.

corvettedriverprofileThe C3’s owner, Jason Tasker, bought the car some time ago for almost $27K USD and within a year’s time had enriched Black Sally with $45K in upgrades and replacements. As with all car modification and restoration, it is a labor of love that influences the builder’s decisions, and Tasker was not about to skimp by on what he viewed as the most iconic car ever built.

Citing such films as Corvette SummerThe Wraith, and Bird on a Wire, Tasker’s adoration for the sleek ‘Vette only grew as time went on. And while he’s rebuilt such Aussie classics as a Chrysler VJ Valiant and Holden musclecars HJ Monaro and GTR XU-1 Torana, none of them have ever meant as much to him as Black Sally.

Tasker’s modifications were extensive but fantastic. Using Ecklers, he was able to find the majority of the parts required for the grand vision he had in his head.

In time, he had the restored 350 engine equipped with a stage 2 camshaft and forged flat top pistons. It gives off a nice shine in the sun with polished billet rocker covers, billet pulleys, and chromed water and power steering pumps. Tasker didn’t stop there, however, chrome-plating the brake booster, master cylinder, and alternator brackets.


Some commissioned work included the custom headers made by POWATONE in Fishwyck, Australian Capital Territory; electrical system by Ashley Deadman in Gordon, New South Wales; custom side pipes by Exhaustworx in Queanbeyan, New South Wales; and interior work by SS Trimming in Biggera Waters, Queensland.

T-top removed, we can see the two-tone leather seats, wood-accented wheel, and other cool touches courtesy of SS Trimming. Photo by William Billy Cocks.

T-top removed, we can see the two-tone leather seats, wood-accented wheel, and other cool touches courtesy of SS Trimming. Photo by William Billy Cocks.

Tasker likes to consider the car as having gotten a second life out of the modifications he’s done. And it surely looks the part with the blackest-black paint scheme, touched with a hint of blue pearl and a lurking gray stripe down the center of the hood–soon to be extended all the way to the rear bumper.

Inside the car, SS Trimming showed its handiwork with new carpeting and two-tone leather seats, each bearing the trademark crossed flag on the headrests. Leather trim adorns the doors, dashboard, and console, with wood accenting on the steering wheel.

But nothing is ever perfect, even when it wins awards like “Best Modified Corvette,” “Best Chev,” and “Promoter’s Choice Award.” Tasker plans to install a 6-71 blower, install mirror plating for the engine bay, and lower the car’s suspension to give it a more aggressive stance. If his Corvette wasn’t already the envy of all in Canberra, it will be soon.

We wish to express our thanks to Jason Tasker for sharing his story and vehicle with us, and wish him and Black Sally good luck in all future endeavors. Not that they need it, since the car is already a proven winner.

If you’d like to share your ride with us here at SLTV, send us an email at Readers Wheels, and tell us a little about your car. Get some pictures ready and we’ll contact you and get more information and you’ll be on your way to sharing your car with the rest of our readers. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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