Bilstein Brings Shocks For Every Application To The SEMA Show

If you thought Bilstein shocks were only for world class race teams, you were wrong.  Proving that they are not a one trick pony, Bilstein brought a full arsenal to this year’s SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  From high end Formula 1 racecars and Off Road race trucks to Mom’s grocery getter, Bilstein has a shock that handles what you and the road can dish out.

First we talked to Pat McCaulay, Bilstein’s Oval Track Manager, about their line of circle track shocks.  We asked McCaulay what made Bilstein’s circle track shocks so good. “We spend our money on engineering and not on hats,” said McCaulay, referring to the swag give-a-ways by many companies.  McCaulay explained; “we invest into engineering shocks for every class on the track, from sealed steel with no schrader valves IMCA type shocks to Aluminum, adjustable and rebuildable late model and sprint car type shocks all the way to NASCAR sprint cup shocks.”

From Saturday night racers to the racers that make a living on the track, Bilstein has at least one line of shocks available.  “What we bring with us is a lot of technology,” said McCaulay when asked what benefit racers get by choosing Bilstein shocks.

Watch the Bilstein Shocks SEMA Tradeshow video here:

For the street performance side of the house, we talked with Kevin O’Keefe, Director of Marketing for Bilstein, who said; “We always come to the SEMA Show to show off the technical advances over the previous year.”  The first item that O’Keefe showed us was a ten way adjustable, ride height adjustable, high pressure gas monotube shock absorber for the late model Camaro.  “The ten position dial on the shock is easy to adjust and the gradients of each click are the exact same proportion.”

O’Keefe then showed us the new Mustang BTS kit with an extra large 36mm piston for ride comfort.  The kit also features a lowering spring that lowers the car about 2 1/2″, and comes complete with Bilstein’s inverted monotube strut and shock for the rear.

For more information on the Bilstein line of performance shocks, check them out at

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