Billy Boat: Making Some Noise in the C7 Exhaust Market

Normally, when a new performance vehicle is released, it quickly becomes a race for accessory manufacturers to be one of the first to market for their segment(s) of aftermarket parts. When the 2014 C7 Stingray was released, it became obvious very quickly that the aftermarket support for this vehicle would be extremely high.

C7 Corvette Bullet Exhaust

No stranger to performance exhaust is Billy Boat Performance Exhausts– with over 25 years of experience in the performance and exhaust industry, they have built a reputation that speaks for themselves. With years of experience designing Corvette exhaust systems, B&B currently offers systems for the C3 generation all the way up through the brand new C7. 

As a matter of fact, Billy Boat Performance Exhaust actually offers three different exhaust systems for the C7 Corvette and each of their systems has a couple of variations. B&B offers three different series of exhausts depending on what combination of performance and exhaust tone the owner is after. 

C7 Corvette Gen3 Fusion Exhaust

Starting with the most aggressive Bullet system, B&B offers a full-length set of three-inch pipes and a three-inch butterfly valve to help produce a deep and aggressive muscle car sound. Maintaining all the technology from the factory, the PRT exhaust system features a mellow sound while cursing, a sport sound when getting into the throttle, and B&B’s own version of the factory-designed butterfly valve to control back pressure and sound.

The Gen3 Fusion exhaust system uses a three-inch butterfly valve at both the front and rear of the system, and is designed to increase volume at idle, cruising, and under hard acceleration. To top it off, B&B even offers C7 X-pipes, long tube headers, and high-flow catalytic converters. 

If you are after performance and a true muscle car sound from your Corvette, head on over to Billy Boat Performance Exhaust and see what they have to offer!

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