Despite the sheer volume or trend toward calling every project or unrestored car a barn find these stories are still interesting. It may seem as though these barn finds are like fishing tales or Texas-sized fairytales, but it would not be too much of stretch to consider a 1960 Corvette as a potential Cinderella story. According to the present owner (aka the seller) this vintage ‘Vette sat for over three decades before the previous owner retired and decided to let it go. The C1’s current owner picked up the car, but elected to sell the car thus leaving it still untouched and still dust covered.

This specific C1 has received numerous awards and trophies throughout its history; according to the seller this Corvette was rumored to have built by a member of the “Garlits” camp years ago. Regardless of the rumors and awards, the metal flake paint scheme is still vibrant and remains in great shape. Along with the vintage paint job all of the stainless steel and chrome trim pieces are in outstanding condition and there are no rust issues with the car whatsoever. Currently, this vintage ‘Vette is being offered on eBay without an engine and transmission, but the chassis, rear differential, brakes and driveshaft are still in place. It may seem like the current seller is trying to hold on to the drivetrain, but the C1 was purchased without the engine and transmission. With a little over a day left on the auction it is hopeful that this classic Corvette will find an ideal new home.