Barn Finds’ 1962 Vette Proves To Be A Lucrative Discovery

It’s really no secret that there are many potentially sweet rides out there that have been left for dead throughout the many uncharted fields of America, allowing them to slip under the radar and thus go unnoticed. It’s always a sad sight to see, but at the same time you can’t help but be intrigued when you wonder just what kind of stories some abandoned old cars carry with them.

The stories themselves and the car owners who made them possible are by far the most important players to the classic auto restoration industry, and it’s the people and stories that assign a cultural significance to each classic car that has ever done its service on the road. Whenever you look at a classic car, there is at least one moment in your own timeline that that car takes you back to and suspends you in.

Barn Finds’ featured ’62 Vette is no exception, and before it was put up at a current bid on eBay of $11,100 the early-’60s Vette sat in a barn for some 35 years until the current owner finally convinced the prior to hand the car over as what could possibly be a killer classic or resto mod.

The Vette is cool, though Barn Finds bemoans a previous owner’s decision to bolt a non-correct scooped hood on to the convertible and paint it metal flake where originally it featured a white on red interior color scheme.

The ’62 also had a correct V8 and manual, though Barn Finds is just a little bummed to report that the original running gear is now long-gone and may be hard to trace.

At some point, the early Vette’s owner is hoping to get $25k for the car which could be justifiable on the basis that it was originally a very nicely-ordered and equipped convertible, though Barn Finds reminds us that this is a very “rough” example of old iron and therefore $25k may be a bit steep.

Everyone has their own opinion as to what is “too much” or “too little” for a classic car, but as it stands Barn Finds’ featured ’62 Vette is a potentially cool build that may involve quite a bit of TLC, but once restored could make a very cool cruiser!

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