The “Barn Find” 1978 Indy 500 Pace Car Corvette we told you about a few weeks ago has finally found itself a permanent home after 34 years of being a piece of storage art. CBS Boston reports that The Corvette Mike Dealership, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, found a buyer for this Corvette time capsule.

If you didn’t see the original story, here are the pertinent details: a gentleman bought the car brand new in 1978 with the intention of keeping it as an investment, and held on to the car until this year when he came on hard financial times, and decided to sell the Corvette. Corvette Mike bought the car, with just 13 original miles on the odometer and the factory plastic still on the seats, and even left the authentic dirt on the car that has covered this car for 30 plus years.

Now it seems that the barn find ’78 Pace Car is going to be covered with a different type of dust; something more in the line of sand. According to CBS Boston, Corvette Mike sold the car to a Sheik from Abu Dhabi for the sum of $50,000. Before it was shipped off to the new owner, the guys from Corvette Mike’s gave the pace car a long awaited, and very much needed bath, and washed off the 30 years’ worth of dust that had collected on the car.

Check out CBS Boston’s story here.