BadBoyVette’s Advice for C7 Corvettes

There appears to be a degree of panic going on over at GM. Not like pure pandemonium or anything, but a nervous kind of twitchiness swirling around the marketing department that’s beginning to leak out to the general public. We’ve picked up on all the supposed leaks of sensitive C7 plans springing up here and there, all the chatter about the upcoming Z/28 and God-forbid, the eventual phasing out of the LS7.

Image: BadBoyVetttes

We spotted a great little editorial/questionnaire on BadBoyVetttes commenting on the public upheavals going on over at GM and just had to laugh. “Chevrolet changes ad agencies. And now so does Cadillac. Buick is marketing to young people via pop-up concerts. GMC is doing a viral guy-skills contest. Seems to be all about making the GM brands more noticed / more in-sync with new consumers.”

BBV is right, what exactly is GM trying to accomplish? Sure, there’s Corvette’s current web contest trying to stir up some viral marketing, and then there’s all the rumors that the 5.5L V8 recently “leaked” to Motor Trend will be a marketing ploy to encourage “younger buyers” in an effort to shed its “mid-life crisis” persona. BBV provided the following “tips:”

THE CAR [design and engineering]
a] Always stay connected to Corvette heritage, just evolve.
b] New thinking for a new generation. Big changes, please.

THE MARKETING [who to reach]
a] 1st priority is the traditional Corvette buyer.
b] Time for more new + young owners.

THE MESSAGES [what to say]
a] The current marketing messages are OK.
b] Bolder tactics to shake up perceptions of Corvette.

THE TONE [how to say]
a] Serious sports car performance.
b] Aggressive in-your-face fun.

THE POSITIONING [how GM uses Corvette]
a] Corvette stands alone.
b] Corvette is the performance technology standard-bearer for Chevrolet.
c] Corvette is the performance technology standard-bearer for all GM.

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