Automotive Abomination: See The Worst 1959 Corvette Replica Ever

This has to be without a doubt the worst fiberglass replica of all time. In Richmond, Virgina one crazy man attempted to build his own 1959 Corvette replica from scratch. Instead, he ended up with this hilarious looking red roadster as the final product. Even a causal Corvette fan could take one look at this car and tell something is off. The grill isn’t the correct size, the curves are wrong and the rear looks too European. Overall the shape of the car looks cheap and of poor quality like a Cold War era Soviet imitation or like it belongs in a 1990’s N64 racing game. It almost looks as if someone took a Healey 1600 front end and fabricated four head lights.

The car is built on a Studebaker chassis and the owner claims the motor is a Studebaker 260 engine (perhaps he meant 259?). What ever engine it is, it appears to be in decent shape with a fresh coat of red paint and a clean looking Stromberg Carb and distributor. The owner claims the motor runs and it’s mated to a four speed manual transmission.

The interior is interesting to say the least, featuring a random assortment of racing gauges, toggle switches, a glove box clock, a leather dash, dusty red carpet, and faded fabric seats. Surprisingly these parts do blend well together despite looking like they came from several different cars– none of which have the look of a 1959 Corvette.

Judging by the overall craftsmanship of the body, we don’t think this car was originally indented to be a Corvette. We believe it was originally fabricated as a one off kit car that the owner badged and painted like a ’59 Corvette as a prank or a desperate attempt for money. Do any of you kit car experts know what kind of car this is?

It almost looks like it belongs in a 1990’s PS1 racing game. Like Twisted Metal or Crazy Taxi.


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