Autocross And You: The Most Fun You’ll Have In A Parking Lot

What if I told you there was a new form of racing developing across the country? What if all you need to participate is your car, a full tank of gas and a helmet? From the East to West coast, empty parking lots and abandoned airfields are starting to be filled with orange cones and cars of all types. Even your local Goodguys Rod & Custom Association event in your area is hosting autocross events.

So what type of racing are we talking about? Autocross! The entire concept of autocross is fairly simple: Run the laid-out course as fast as possible and try to make the best time. However, unlike traditional road courses, things are a bit different in autocross. First, the courses are different. Instead of taking place on a track, autocross events are held in large empty paved spaces with orange traffic cones laid out as your course.

Thanks to the fact that the courses feature a lack of physical obstacles and usually have a low average speed. You won’t have to worry about bringing out the classic muscle you’ve been spending months or years working on and ending up with a smashed-up front end.

Another benefit of this type of racing is there is only one car on the track at a time. In autocross it’s just you, your car, and the track in front of you. Now that you’re interested in getting in on some sweet autocross action, where do you begin? Look no further than the website AUTOCROSS 101. For the beginner and intermediate racer, this site will guide you in the right direction of where to start and how to get your feet wet in the autocross racing world.

We strongly suggest that when you visit the site your first stop is in the “autocross handbook” section. There you’ll find the bare-bones basics of what to bring to an event, how to prepare your car (or truck) for race day, and the tech inspection requirements. After you’ve read up on the basics, go out and find a race! Events are held nation-wide all year long and there are even two sanctioned autocross bodies: The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). If you’re looking to have a fun time putting your car on the track for cheap and want to meet new friends, then autocross is the racing for you!

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