Are Gas Prices Too High? Hagerty Is Here To Help With Classic Prices

For most of us – perhaps all of us – gas prices are just too high and affect the time we spend in our cars. A fill up decades ago was the equivalent to a decent meal at a local diner, but these days a fill up is the equivalent to a meal at one of the best steak houses in the country. With fuel prices gaining momentum and picking up even more steam this summer, cruising in your classic musclecar can be limited – those long cruises that we enjoy are often cut short because we already have a second mortgage and don’t want to take out a third to fill up the tank.

Hagerty Takes Over Mobil Gas Station On Collector Car Appreciation Day

Buy gas at classic prices:

  • Mobil station at 36101 Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI
  • 7 AM to 10AM, Friday, July 11, 2014
  • Classic cars 25 years old (1989 and older)
  • Ten gallons of fuel
  • Fuel price based on year of car
  • Bring cash – Hagerty is going Old School!

But that puts us in a dilemma: this Friday, July 11, is National Collector Car Appreciation Day, and it’s a day that we’re supposed to drive our cars. For many of us, that means it’s a day that we are going to eat fast food to save a few bucks for the tank, and cringe as the digits on the pump roll over faster than we’d like them to. Some of us will see that first digit hit the highest number we’ve ever seen it go to, and the collective sigh will be heard around the world.

However, for a few dozen very lucky people who just happen to be cruising by the Mobil gas station at 36101 Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, Michigan, tomorrow, Hagerty Classic Cars magazine is going to give them a slight reprieve from the high prices. How is that even possible? Hagerty is going to be taking over the Mobil station and they’re turning it into a nostalgic 1950s-style service station from 7 AM until 10 AM.

What does this mean for owners of classic cars? It means that they can save on fuel when they put ten gallons of fuel in their classic car. But there is a catch to make this all work, and it’s not a bad catch… just one that makes it all kind of fun. For starters, car owners must be driving a classic car that is 25 years or older to take advantage of the lower fuel prices. Those lowered fuel prices will depend on what car you bring to the Mobil station, however.

The price for each gallon of fuel at the Mobil station will be based on the year of the car you bring. For example, if you drive your 1965 Mustang to the Mobil station, Hagerty will be providing you with ten gallons of fuel at 1965 prices.  Bring a 1979 Corvette and it could cost you roughly ten bucks for ten gallons of gas. But, as Hagerty tells us, if you bring your 1930 Model A to the gas station that day, you’re going to feel like you won the lottery because your total charge is only going to be $2.00. And just to make it even more fun, Hagerty is going old school on us with this: bring cash, just like we did in the old days when you couldn’t “pay at the pump” with a debit card. It sounds like a great day, and for one day only Hagerty is making gasoline affordable again!

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