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Life can be really tough for some people. Let’s say that you recently got a 2009 Corvette for your birthday. All of a sudden, you hear that your favorite uncle from Houston passed away and willed his 2009 Corvette ZR-1 to you with the explicit condition that you cannot sell it. Well, it is nice to have such problems, but they do need solutions at some point.

Images: n2a Motors

Should you find yourself saddled with a challenge like this, one of the available options is to ship Uncle’s Corvette to n2a Motors in Corona, CA, for a makeover. The company will take your ‘Vette and replace the body panels with all-new carbon composite panels. As well, the interior is completely restyled as part of a process that takes twelve weeks from start to finish. The resulting Anteros vehicle delivers a distinctly European look that does a good job of disguising the car’s Bowling Green heritage.

All base models include a carbon composite body, hand-stitched leather interior, three-piece aluminum wheels and a custom cat-back exhaust system. Additional work can be specified at your preference, including performance upgrades ranging from 525-to-1000-plus hp output.

In case you just wrote off your 2009 Corvette, you can also order pre-built Anteros cars starting from $144,500 for the coupe and $149,500 for the convertible. The Touring Package, which consists of a wood-trimmed steering wheel, wood interior accents, 21″ wheels with Pirelli tires and a SpineyBeck Italian leather upgrade adds $11K to the total. A comparable Sport Package substitutes a sport steering wheel, carbon fiber and aluminum interior trim, sport seats with 4-point harnesses, more CF on the exterior and the 21″ 3-piece rolling stock, for just under $12K.

Exploring the company’s web site might even lead you to other treasures that could have you selling off all your Corvettes, regardless of what Uncle Mike wanted. There are some unique ideas being shown there.

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