Well, we survived the Mayan apocalypse and Christmas is fast approaching. We thought we would bring up another very cool gift idea, especially if you have children, and you can’t figure out what to get that little Junior motor head in your family.

The company Step 2, manufacturers kids’ toys as well as furniture, and outdoor play houses.  One of their hottest items this year is a Corvette bedroom set for toddlers and children. The complete set includes a very realistic-looking  Corvette bed, a dresser, a storage chest, and room organizer, but they can be purchased separately if desired. If you’re Corvette guy, or you just simply love cars, we think you’ll agree that this is one of the best gift ideas that we have seen this year.

Just recently, the folks over at Autoblog.com did a giveaway for this exact bedroom set, and while you didn’t win and even with rush shipping, it’s not gonna be here in time for Christmas, we think Junior would probably forgive you if it turned up the first week of January…

The whole bedroom set retails for just under $500, and it would be a perfect way for your son or daughter to start out the new year. If nothing else it will make you the coolest mom or dad on the block… with bragging rights to boot!