Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, there will always be a fraction of a percent of the population who view “Scarface” as a feel-good movie, and who choose to live outside the confines of the law. Particularly heinous are those who prey on children, like Bradley “Cash Crew” Dunham, who was arrested in early September 2007 and subsequently convicted for slinging crack on the streets of Livingston Manor, a small New York town 100 miles north of the Big Apple. Thanks to Corvette Blogger and the Mid-Hudson News, we see that the story has a happy ending after all – for the car, at least.

DARE Officer Louis Alvarez behind the wheel, with Chief Assistant DA James Farrell. Photo: Mid-Hudson News

Billing itself as the home of American fly fishing and the “gateway to the Catskills,” Livingston Manor might have small-town charm, but couldn’t escape big-city problems. With Cash Crew convicted, his ’98 C5 was forfeited and became the property of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department, who used it for a time as an undercover car before turning it over to the Sullivan County Board of Cooperative Educational Services, where students outfitted it with its new squad car livery.

Today, the car is used for DARE programs in local schools, where it once was notorious for being a rolling storefront for illegal drugs.

“Nothing sends a stronger message to children involved in the DARE program than this DARE car,” said Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff. “The DARE program among many things, teaches our children about making choices. The lesson here is that the former owner of this vehicle made some poor choices that landed him in jail for six years, while the police drive his car.”