Another Celebrity Car, Or Is It? The Mystery Of Farrah’s Vette

Celebrities may come and go, but their cars? Well, we’ve seen a couple pass by these pages in recent months, but this one is a little more interesting, and in more than one way. First, it is listed on eBay for an “I gotta have it” price of $1.2 million. That’s interesting, at least until you look through the photos. This car appears to have been ignored for quite some time now and while there have been some offers on the car, none have been accepted.

According to the posted information, this Corvette was put together for Farrah Fawcett by George Barris. The claim appears to be real enough as there is a plastic model of the car that was at one time made by the kit manufacturer, amt. The really interesting aspect to this part is to see what the King of Kustoms did with the technology of the day. While the exterior work is classic Barris and the fur and shag-upholstered interior brings back decorating trends we’d all rather forget, the multi-line telephone and portable television screwed to the dashboard are… well… beyond words.

Farrah Fawcett was a 1970’s television star in the crime series Charlie’s Angels. Like many Hollywood aspirants, she went by a stage name, changing her first name to Farrah, from “Ferrah.” According to reports, her Lebanese father named her Ferrah, after the Arabic for ‘Joy.’ That she did provide for more than 12 million people that bought a 1976 poster of the TV star, dressed in a red swim suit and showing off her blazing white teeth, voluminous blond hair and other outstanding attributes. Ms. Fawcett passed away in June, 2009 – a victim of cancer.

Now, according to the Corvette Blogger entry about this car, there is even some debate as to whether this is the actual Barris car or not. On one hand, when it comes to the ‘net, one can start any kind of rumor or debate for less than a farthing, and that is what the lion’s share of them are typically worth. On the other hand, where there’s smoke, it is prudent to take fire precautions. This auction listing ended without a buyer (or apparently any bids), so you might be able to work a deal – Caveat Emptor.

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