We understand that GM has been a bit busy lately, what with their bankruptcy last year, the IPO filing back in November, and most recently the launch of the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt. But still, you’d think GM would find some time in its busy schedule to tease us with some tasty tidbits about the next Corvette. We’ve heard plenty of rumors, from possible engines to the possibility of a mid-engine setup. But we still haven’t seen so much as a single spy shot, even though the design is reputedly set, forcing us to relying on the Internet for speculative renderings.

Thankfully, the Internet does not fail to deliver. Transportation Design student James Robbins studied the history of the Corvette, and came up with these beautiful renderings of what the C7 Corvette could look like.

Among the many rumors we’ve heard about the C7 Corvette is that it will stay based on the C6 chassis, itself an evolution of the C5 that debuted back in the mid-90’s. Robbins may have heard these rumors, which is why he decided to keep the C6 Corvette’s proportions. Indeed, his renderings are unmistakably influenced by the current Corvette. Robbins studied the design language and progression of past Corvettes however, and his design is supposed to be a natural evolution of America’s sports car.

There are a lot of things we like about Robbin’s Corvette, including the edgy side profile and sharp front fascia. The headlights are especially captivating, with a sinister, cyber look that seems to peer through the fog of the future. What we don’t like is the rear end, which ditches the Corvette’s iconic four-round tail lights in favor of something just plain funky and awkward looking. Besides that though, we find ourselves quite taken with this would-be Corvette, but what about you?