If you’ve been saving for a new Corvette, your piggy bank just got a reprieve for the time being because you won’t be taking the hammer to it quite as soon as you thought. Information just released to Corvette Blogger has revealed GM’s plans for 2012 pricing and the news isn’t particularly good.

MSRP on most models will jump from almost $500 to over a thousand dollars. The only decline to be noted is a $75 reduction on the ZR1 model, which we’re sure will be pivotal to sales. Really, you have to wonder how they figure out some of this stuff.

Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck Corvette was their source for an early look at the 2012 Corvette price guide. In addition to base model pricing, equipment packages are also doing some dancing as well. GS Coupes will see a price increase of $900 on the 2LT package and $1790 on both the 3LT and 4LT packages.

The 2LT option on Convertibles and Grand Sport convertibles will see a drop of $1095, while the ticking the 3LT or 4LT option will ding you $1795 more than in 2011. You can get the blow-by-blow details here.

What is missing from the equation at this point is any description of standard and optional equipment package changes. While nobody likes to see prices go up, it is hard to judge the actual intent of the new pricing without more information. Hopefully, Salvatore will be as free with the 2012 Order Guide information as soon as it is released.