What better way to show your love and dedication to your favorite car than by covering your walls in artwork depicting it in all its glory? We can’t think of many better ways. Over at Corvette Blogger, they have made a connection with an artist that can turn your man-cave into an art shrine.

Corvette Blogger contributor Steve Burns first got wind of the artist, Dan McCrary, a few years back at the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show. He was instantly impressed with his watercolor paintings of cars, particularly those depicting Corvettes. McCrary describes his own style as “photo-realist” – the current popularity of High Dynamic Range photography is in many ways an attempt to capture the same sort of look and feel that Dan achieves using nothing more than his talent and technique.

On their website, Corvette Blogger is making a shout out for McCrary and his amazing artwork. Be sure to check out what they have to say about McCrary and his paintings. Corvette Blogger also has contact information for McCrary if you are interested in having one of his paintings!