Amazing Sculptures That Symbolize Crane Cams In Automotive World

You never know what you are going to find when you look through the facebook fanpage of your favorite companies. We checked out the facebook fanpage for Crane Cams recently and our jaws dropped when we saw pictures posted on the Crane Cams wall that seemingly documented the company’s history in automotive history. 

Honestly, the work of Australian sculptor James Corbett, and the manufacturing of Crane Cams have little to do with each other… yet we saw a lot of areas where Corbett’s work celebrated Crane Cams work in history. It was not lost on us that Crane Cams honored Corbett by highlighting his work on their facebook fanpage either. 

Corbett’s sculptures are all fabricated from junked 1950’s and 1960’s automotive parts. He converts scrapped parts of cars, such as gears, spark plugs, exhausts, radiators, into sculptures worth thousands of dollars. After spending weeks dedicated to locate suitable pieces, Corbett meticulously cleans parts and welds them together. “On average, each piece takes a little over two weeks of work, but the larger pieces can take much longer, he says. James says that welding of the parts, and the construction of the sculpture is not what consumes most time of the artist. “Often the longest part of the process is finding old parts suitable for sculpture.” Corbett lives in Ningi, Queensland, Australia with his wife Jodie.

The sculpted works of art tie into Crane Cams work on many different levels. One could argue that a camshaft made by Crane Cams is a work of art by itself. We found it oddly ironic that Corbett’s art featured vintage racing cars, motorcycles and tractors. As it turns out, Crane Cams has one of the largest database of camshaft lobe profiles from the company’s beginning in 1953. Crane’s extensive cam profile catalog covers motorcycles, early race cars with vintage engines, and even tractors. If they don’t have a profile on record, Crane can custom design a profile for any application you need.

We found the work of Corbett and Crane Cams to be truly artistic in every facet. 

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