Can a car that is 33 years old still be considered “new” if it was never used? We learned the story of this amazing Corvette barn find on Corvette Blogger, where they have all the details of this car’s unique history.

Corvette Blogger reports that this 1978 Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car replica is one of just 6,502 that Chevy produced, and it was purchased brand new as an investment by the original owner. In 1995 the owner moved into an apartment building where there was no parking for the Corvette, so he put it in a Store and Lock in Detroit, and left it there for the last 16 years under a pile of dusty boxes.

The original owner finally decided to cash in on his investment recently, and the Corvette was purchased by Mike Millian and moved to the Corvette Mike New England Dealership, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Everything in the car is completely original, right down to the tires and the battery, and fired up with little trouble. The Corvette has just 13 original miles, and still has the factory plastic wrappers over the seats. It even still has a hint of that wonderful new car smell.

Check out the original story on Corvette Blogger, for even more details on this amazing barn find.