How much is a 1969 L88 Corvette worth? Well, if recent auctions are any indication, they usually change hands for about $250,000 when they do come up for sale. But originality plays a big role in this price tag, as one black on black L88 coupe proved at the Dallas, Texas Mecum auction last weekend. Completely original, from the paint to the engine, the impressive Corvette brought a final bid of over a half million dollars. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for bringing us the news.

The L88 that made its appearance at the Dallas auction last Saturday is one of the just 116 cars with that option manufactured for the 1969 model year. Propelling it to its incredible selling price were its impressive credentials, including its Bloomington Gold certification and Survivor status, National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight award with a 98.4 score and completely original standings. This Corvette was even used as a NCRS training seminar display vehicle.

For the final selling price of $562,500, the new owner received a completely original L88 with all of its original documentation. The new owner even received the original keys for the car with his purchase. For more images of the Corvette, check out