Alignment Specifications for Gen5 Camaro and C5/C6 ‘Vette from Pfadt

LJK_8751_3_As one of the leaders in aftermarket suspension and chassis products (along with a host of other products) for your late-model C5/C6 Corvette and Camaro, Pfadt Race Engineering has a great handle on what it takes to go fast in the twisties. One of the most important items, and one of the ones most often overlooked, is making sure that the alignment is correct. Alignment specifications are critical to ensuring that the wheel angles are correct for the intended use of the vehicle. Wheel alignment on a newer car is not just “toe-and-go”, because all three alignment angles (toe, caster, and camber) are front-adjustable, while rear adjustments on both the Camaro and Corvette can be made in the camber and toe areas.

Watch this Pfadt Camaro pull 1.3 Gs at Miller Motorsports Park on the OEM tires, when upgraded with a full complement of Pfadt suspension parts.

Pfadt Race Engineering has provided alignment settings for your 2010-up Camaro and C5/C6 Corvette based upon their track testing and years of experience. They’ve taken the time to come up with recommendations for a number of different vehicle uses including street, track with street tires, track with race tires, and even specs designed for track-only cars using a variety of different tire and suspension component options.


While the track option might sound good for your street car, aggressive alignment settings like those required at the track will not function well on the street due to the aggressive camber settings required to keep the tire flat during hard cornering at the track. In other words – it’ll wear your tires out, and the car likely won’t handle very well when presented with potholes, semi-tire-grooved roads and other street obstacles. Check out Pfadt Race Engineering‘s website for more details.

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