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Akrapovič Magazine – More than Just Exhausts

There are two kinds of aftermarket automotive companies in the world – the ones who see a market for a particular product and set out to fill that need, and the ones who are built on the enthusiasm and passion for motorsports that just happens to lead to hardware people want to buy. Both are necessary for the success of our hobby, and both fill important roles in the “ecosystem” of automotive enthusiasts. With a little observation, it’s easy to see which side of that watershed a particular company falls on, and it’s clear that Akrapovič, manufacturer of high-end exhaust systems for motorcycles and cars, stems from the enthusiast branch of the manufacturers’ family tree.

Case in point: Akrapovič Magazine. Available online for the bargain basement price of “free,” it’s an eclectic mix of motorsports topics that cover the entire spectrum of racing, from historic to modern. So far, we’ve only been able to peruse a few of the many issues available on Akrapovič Magazine’s website, and we have yet to find anything that was less than fascinating to read.

Do yourself a favor – if you have any interest whatsoever in broadening your motorsports horizons, spend a little time checking out Akrapovič Magazine. We guarantee it’s worth your time…

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