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Akrapovic Brazil Video Needs No Translation

America’s sports car, equipped with an exhaust system made from exotic materials in a Slovenian foundry by a company that first made itself famous in Superbike racing, starring in a commercial for the Brazilian market? If it sounds like the formula for a very confusing video, we totally understand, but in this beautifully-shot spot from Akrapovič Brasil, no words are needed.

Just the open road, an awesome car, and the sound of horsepower being unleashed… That, and a Evolution Titanium exhaust system that’s 33 pounds lighter than stock, retains the original “dual-mode” exhaust valve system, and looks like jewelry for the underside of your Chevy. Also available in stainless steel, the Evolution line replaces the stock exhaust from the manifolds/catalysts back, while the less-expensive Slip-On line also gives you the choice of titanium or stainless steel in a system that replaces the stock exhaust from the axle to the tailpipes.

Oh, and did we mention that all the systems are available with either titanium or carbon-fiber tailpipes? Keep an eye on Corvette Online in the near future as we install and test our own Akrapovič Corvette exhaust…

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