Aeromotive Announces Limited Time Trade Offer To BG Customers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve certainly gotten word of the misfortunes of the Barry Grant Incorporated brand, which filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009 and on February 18, of this year, ceased operations and closed it doors.

Said fellow fuel system supplier Aeromotive in a statement on their website: This is unsettling news for all of us in this industry. Even as competitors, we at Aeromotive are deeply saddened by the hard times this company has fallen upon. We know that the Barry Grant line of products will be sorely missed. “You never wish this on anyone,” said Steve Matusek, President and Founder of Aeromotive. “ I have a deep respect for Barry and what he has done for the performance industry. It’s unfortunate and it’s a reminder just how fragile things can be sometimes.”

Barry Grant’s closure has effected thousands of customers running the popular BG products, and since the announcement, Aeromotive has received a flood of phone calls inquiring as to whether they could service their BG fuel pumps and regulators. While Aeromotive does not have the necessary parts to do, they’ve opted to offer the next best thing by extending a limited time offer to any retail consumer the opportunity to trade in their Barry Grant fuel pumps and regulators and receive credit toward the purchase of an Aeromotive replacement. This special offer will run from April 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011.

Product credit consists of $100 off the purchase of Aeromotive’s A2000 fuel pump with the return of a BG400-2 fuel pump and $50 off the purchase of an Aeromotive 2- or 4- port Pro Stock regulator with the return of a BG 4-port PLUS+.

Says’s Aeromotive: While this does not solve the problem, we hope it helps to ease the burden on the wallet.

Barry Grant products eligible for trade-in: Replacement Aeromotive Product:

• BG400-2 Fuel Pump (P/N’s 170001 and 170001P)         $100 off MSRP (P/N 11202) A2000 Fuel Pump

• BG 4-Port PLUS+ (P/N 170023)                                         $50 off MSRP (P/N 13208) 4-Port Pro Stock Regulator

• BG 2-Port PLUS+ (P/N 170025)                                         $50 off MSRP (P/N 13210) 2-Port Pro Stock Regulator

For more information and to obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form, head on over to

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