Aeromotive A1000 Stealth Kit: Bolt-In Fuel Solution For C5/C6 Vettes

Making big power with the LS engines in C5 and C6 Corvettes is about as easy as falling out of a tree thanks to the huge aftermarket these Vettes enjoy. But one of the most important things you’ll need to take into consideration when making mondo power in you late model Corvette is just how you plan on keeping all that horsepower fed with enough fuel. Luckily, Aeromotive has a perfect bolt-in solution for later (2003.5 and up) C5 owners and all C6 owners in the form of their drop-in A1000 Stealth Kits.

Aeromotive’s A1000 drop in fuel pump systems bolt directly into your Corvette’s stock tank for a clean and simple solution that can feed up to 1,000 flywheel horsepower in forced induction applications, and up to 1,300 naturally aspirated horsepower. If you need even more power than that, you can step up to the Eliminator Stealth Kit for Corvettes that will provide all the fuel you need to make up to 1,400 forced induction horsepower at the flywheel, or a monstrous 1,900 horsepower in naturally aspirated applications. The A1000 Stealth Kits also allow you to run a true return style fuel system in your late model Vette without worrying about how it will affect the factory jet-siphon system since it is incorporated right into the Stealth Kit.

One of the biggest advantages to running a single pump set up like the Stealth Kit over the dual or triple pump set ups that have become so popular for late model Vettes is that you have less fear of engine failure if a pump does malfunction. In dual and triple pump systems, if a pump decides to stop working, your car will continue to run like normal at cruising speeds, but as soon as you get into the throttle your fuel system won’t have enough capacity to keep up, the engine goes lean, and you get to become good friends with the tow truck driver. With a high-output single pump system like Aeromotive’s A1000, on the off chance that the pump does stop working your car won’t even run. No running means no risk of blowing it up.

Like all of Aeromotive’s products the A1000 Stealth Kits were developed and tested right on the race track. In fact, Formula Drift driver Luke Lonberger uses an A1000 fuel system in his C6 drift car. If the A1000 can perform flawlessly under the rigors of drifting, then they can perform anywhere. Check out Aeromotive’s website for more info on the drop-in A1000 Stealth Kits for your high-powered late model Corvette.

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