The tailshaft portion attaches directly to your stock transmission while a new yoke with built in electronics is required.

We all know that your local dyno shop can tell you the amount of power your car is making, but going all the time can get expensive.  AEM’s new Dyno-Shaft allows you to monitor horsepower and torque numbers constantly as you drive, allowing you to test your car in the elements everyday!

The Dyno-Shaft is a true on-vehicle dyno that delivers horsepower and torque numbers as accurately as the most respected dyno companies on the market, with major advantage being that it measures power while the vehicle is under operation in real world conditions.

Datalogging is also capable against other sensors and can even detect wheel spin at the track.

It is not an accelerometer based system, so it will not skew readings due to uphill or downhill transitions, crosswinds, vehicle aerodynamics, wheel spin, vehicle weight or the myriad other factors that can affect the accuracy of GPS/accelerometer-based units. Instead, it measures a vehicle’s actual transmitted torque and speed at the driveshaft, allowing it to record and output REAL Horsepower and Torque numbers.

AEM uses a set of laboratory-grade strain gauges inside of a supplied slip yoke to measure torque at the driveshaft. Essentially, the Dyno-Shaft slip yoke becomes the sensor for measuring driveshaft torque. This is combined with a driveshaft speed sensor to precisely measure the rotational speed of the yoke to determine RPM.

AEM will even offer a live gauge that gives you dyno readings on the fly!

The data broadcast device (controller) for the Dyno-Shaft yoke is non-contact, does not have slip rings, does not require batteries and is maintenance free. This controller installs over the transmission tail shaft housing and allows information from the Dyno-Shaft to be transmitted via AEMnet to a data logger, AEM or other programmable engine management system, or custom dashboard via a single connection.

The sportsman slip yoke is manufactured from ductile cast iron while a pro series chromemoly yoke is also offered.

The AEM software even computes into normal, easy to read horsepower graphs.